Built by Players…For Players!

D.A. Vinci Leda

  • High-quality electric guitar
  • 25 inch scale
  • Refined appearance featuring a gloss or matte finish and a AAA grade maple top
  • D.A. Vinci handwound pickups for extraordinary tone – each one matched to its specific guitar and wood selection

The D.A. Vinci Leda model is our modern version of a Tele, Strat and a Mustang all wrapped up in one guitar, designed for versatile guitarists – from rock, hard’n’heavy and metal to blues, jazz and beyond. With it’s 2-humbucker setup, 3-way switch and optional 2 mini toggle switches for coil splitting it can handle just about anything you throw at it.

Leda has a simple and elegant design with subtle contours to enhance it’s ergonomics and a thin neck profile suited for fast playing.

The core design features an Alder/Swamp ash or Mahogany body, without a top. The neck and fretboard come standard as roasted maple, but are available in different laminates of ash, maple, purple heart, wenge or walnut.

This tonewood combination provides a rich resonance and covers the entire EQ spectrum very well. Leda has a number of different pickup options to select from and all of our pickups are handwound in-house.

The D.A. Vinci Leda comes in either a high-gloss or matte polyurethane finish that is extremly durable, doesn’t yellow over time and will protect your guitar for years to come.

This model is available for custom orders as well, and you can choose your own tonewoods to fit your style of guitar and playing, as well as the color and bridge type (hardtail or tremolo), and can be ordered with a different combination of pickups to suit your style.

Remarkable sound

Sound is the most important consideration for D.A. Vinci guitars, and all of our guitars are tuned to perfection when it comes to choise of wood, hardware and electronics.

Through extensive designing, experimenting and trial and error, each one of our models is finely tuned and crafted with a specific purpose in mind.

Combining state-of-the art technologies and precision craftsmanship with the use of the best available tonewoods, the D.A. Vinci Leda is no fluke.

D.A. Vinci Contact Bridge

Each one of our guitars features our own designed and manufactured in house D.A. Vinci contact bridge that is machined from a solid block of aluminium and brass, and then finished in a number of different finishes such as gold plated, black, nickel, chrome and anodized Al.

Machining the bridge from a solid piece of aluminium ensured its tensile strength is optimal and can endure even the heaviest gauges of strings and their pressure. It also contributes to the sound ressonance and transfering the vibration of the strings throughout the body and neck.

D.A. Vinci Pickups

All of our models come fitted with our in-house made handwound pickups in a variety of combinations and models.

Each of our pickups is perfectly paired and suited for the guitar model used on.

The D.A. Vinci handwound pickups are available for purchase separately and available in bulk order.

If you are a luthier or a guitar manufacturer and you’re interested in using our pickups in your own builds and models, please contact us for more information.


For maximum protection during transport, we highly recommend to provide every new D.A. Vinci guitar with a high-quality Protector gigbag, with additional shell reinforcements in the walls, and other special features for comfortable carrying on the shoulder, in hand, or as a backpack.

The Protector gigbags can be purchased separately through our online shop.



Available body shapes Leda
Neck-to-body joint Bolt-on
Body wood Alder/Swamp Ash/Mahogany
Top Without a top
Binding No
Bridge D.A. Vinci Hardtail / Tremolo
Bridge string spacing 55,5 mm
Top finish Waterbased stain / Polyurethane
Back finish Clear / Polyurethane
Pickguard No
Neck width 43 mm
Truss rod 480 mm (headstock access)
Neck profile Thin D
Scale length 25.5 inches (647.7 mm)
Fingerboard Roasted Maple, Rosewood, Walnut
Fingerboard inlays Epoxy / Mother of Pearl / Cellulose
Frets Medium Jumbo
Headstock overlay None
Neck wood Roasted Maple or Laminate (Flamed Maple/Purple Heart/Walnut/Ash/Wenge)
Strings 10 – 46
Neck finish Polyurethane