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Frequently asked questions

Is D.A. Vinci guitars a serial manufacturer, or a custom-shop?

D.A. Vinci guitars is a small family business run by me (Dinko Abdic). All instruments are preordered and handcrafted by a small team, and as such we aren’t able to produce a large quantity of identical instruments. We do however make our own models for sale in smaller quantities and if you’re interested, you can check out our In Stock page for what’s available at the moment.

For a custom order of one of our models you can choose the woods used, hardware, pickups, the finish and a number of other characteristics. Body shapes and headstocks are defined by the specific model you choose.

What is the average price?

For a custom order, after you choose your specs, you will have a summary of the total cost at the end. This price is usually within the range of 1000 – 2500 €. Complex and highly individual instruments, with rare exotic woods may cost up to 5000 € and more.

How to order?

On our Custom order page there is a notification for the current queue of instrument being built, and the available spots we have left for the current year. Please check if the estimated date for the completion of your order is acceptable for you. If it is, you can proceed with the order form, choose the body type, the neck, number of strings, the fretting, wood and etc. – After you fill out the form, if you don’t have any special requests, and choose the options available, you will be given a total amount and cost of your instrument at the end. You will be able to choose the packaging option (with a hardcase/gigbag or without) and choose the shipping options available for your country. After you’ve completed all that hit the “Order” button that will take you to a secure payment service, and you can choose to pay with Paypal or your credit card. After we receive your order, we start building your dream guitar within the specified timetable, and send you photo and video updates of your build progress to your specified e-mail. When the guitar is completed, we will notify you and send your guitar. The shipping usually takes from 5-15 days depending on your location.

If you have a custom design in mind (not one of our own models), we do offer a full custom service that includes everything from sketching and designing, 3D model representation of your idea, to the final completion of your instrument. In this case, you can contact us directly through our website, Facebook or Instagram page, and we can discuss the particulars in depth. Please note that this service is charged as well, and the final price of such an instrument can go as high as 5000 € and more.

How do we discuss the details of my order?

If there is any aspect of your order that is not available through the order form, you can contact us directly and we can inform you whether it is possible for us to build such an instrument. If there are specifics in your order such as custom inlay work there is an option to upload your custom art or specify the details in the order form.

Is there an instalment plan or partial payment option?

Currently we do not support partial payment options through PayPal or credit card, but we do offer this option to customers in our own country. If you are a resident of BiH, please contact us for more information.

Do you make lefty guitars and basses?

Yes, every model could be made in a lefty version.

What is the building time?

Guitars with satin finish — 4 months
Guitars with gloss finish — 5 months
Neck-through guitars — 5 months
Basses — 6 months
Custom ordered (your own design) – 6 months + 2-3 months of sketching, designing and 3D modeling

What happens during the building process?

During the building process we will take photographs and videos of the most important phases of the building process. Some of these we will share on our own social media accounts. All other photos and videos we will send to you by e-mail. It will happen once or twice a month, depending on the current phase of the process. When the instrument is completed and the final photo-shoot done, we will post an entire album with all the photos on our social media accounts and some of them on our Workshop page in a blog form.

How do you ship guitars? What will be included in the package?

We ship instruments in a rigid and secure shipment packing. If you want a hard-case or a gigbag to be included, please specify so in the order form. We currently have uniform D.A. Vinci hardcases and gig-bags suitable for all of our electric guitars and basses. The package will include:
– a warranty and a certificate,
– wrenches for hardware and truss rod (except the case of a spoke-wheel truss rod nut)
– strap locks (if they were included in the order form)

We can also include a D.A. Vinci guitar strap.

Do you ship worldwide? How much is it?

We ship guitars worldwide by trusted shipping companies. It will be delivered to you by your local DHL or postal service. Usually it costs 150-250 €, depending on the weight of the package and your country.

Do you have in-stock instruments?

Yes, all instruments we make for sale are listed in our In Stock page, and can be ordered for purchase there.

I designed my own body/headstock shape. Can you build it for me?

Yes. We offer this service as well. Contact us for more information, but please note that this servise is charged separately.

Do you make replicas?

Depends on what you consider “replicas”. We do build standard shapes such as Tele, Strat, and Les Paul style bodies, but under no circumstances will we put any other brand name on the guitar other than our own, and in most cases, we encourage and offer our own headstock designs.

I have some woods/hardware. Can you use it to build my guitar?

No. We only select and use woods from our trusted suppliers and we can guarantee the quality of the product only when it is made from our own wood.