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A New D.A. Vinci Alchemist

The new D.A. Vinci Alchemist is getting quite the hype. With its simple yet modern design, this guitar is truly a one-of-a-kind instrument and will find its way into any guitarist`s arsenal. Sleek contours give it a more modern feel, and of course, they serve an ergonomic purpose.

Well balanced, but still lightweight all around, you`ll find that the Alchemist feels right both in a sitting down  position as well as rocking it on a stage.

We’ve kept things simple with the electronics, so you won`t be fussing about, trying to figure out what switch does what. One Volume, one Tone, and a 3-way switch are all you`ll need with this baby.

D.A. Vinci Guitars has partnered up with UK`s Warman Pickups and we offer their full range of pickups on our builds. For those of you who have specific needs, and know exactly what you want, we even offer custom made pickups designed and built to your exact specs. You can even choose the overall design and look of the pickups – wooden bobbins, regular plastic, metal covers in various styles, types of magnets, slugs and screws, you name it – Warman does it.

Most of our models feature locking tuners, and the Alchemist is no exception. For those of you concerned, it does not affect the weight, and there is no neck dive. The Alchemist is designed with locking tuners in mind and their added weight.

As it is with most baritone guitars, the Alchemist features a low profile hardtail bridge. Baritones don`t like tremolos, or God forbid a Floyd Rose.

We are proud to announce that D.A. Vinci Guitars has started development on our own bridges, the first batch now in production, and we will soon feature our own bridges in all our builds. Of course, our Custom Shop will still have other brands available, per customer request, but when you see our own proprietary designs we think you won`t even want anything other.

All of our bridges are made from high-quality materials like aluminum, brass, bell bronze, and steel. They are all machined from solid blocks right here in Bihac, BiH, designed by us and manufactured by our trusted partners in the metal fabrication industry and are the very best we can offer.

In the meantime, the Alchemist will feature a low profile hardtail bridge, but as soon as our own hit the market, they will become the standard in all our builds.

For more information and specs on the Alchemist series, visit the Our Models page, and in the meantime, check out the Alchemist in action, featuring our very own Mirza from Emberdown laying down some sick riffs and a killer solo in the end: